Monday, February 12, 2007

The Zoo in the winter

I didn't even know our Zoo is open in the winter. Turns out it is, and most animals feel pretty good surrounded by snow. Plus, we got to see many of them in their winter coats, which was quite a treat. It's usually much lighter in color, thick and lush and very pretty.

The lynx, for one, is reddish-yellow in the summer. Now it's napping wrapped in beautiful silver fur.

This wild cat (serval) definitely had something to say! Something hissy.

You know the friendly young people in khaki shorts and colorful animal-themed shirts that run around the LA Zoo and answer your questions? Well, we got them too! There!

Can't help but calling this one "a hog on ice". I know, I know, it's too obvious...

And this one - "Hoot".

Wanna sit down?

This deer didn't like us, I think. Otherwise, why would it be sticking his tongue at us?

There were no monkeys, no hippo, the elephant was away and the bears were semi-hibernating. But we still had a good time.