Thursday, April 2, 2009


Another photoshoot, this time at LA Zoo. Mainly portraits.

This is done with Canon S3IS compact. Once my new dSLR arrives, I will try to shoot similar photos again and compare the quality.

For now, let's see how well you know zoology. How many of these can you identify before looking at the tags?

Red crowned mangabey female deep in thought over some food.

Crowned crane looks exhaused by the incessant noise made by flamingo chicks nearby.

Indian rhino enjoying some tree bark.

Ring-tail lemur meditating at a sunny spot.

Um... unknown species, gotta look this one up!

Gerenuk: "I am all ears".

Young male tiger, making noise like young males are wont to do.

Cape vulture giving me a distrustful look.

A face only a mother can love - cape vulture chick.

A non-resident house finch at a bird feeder.

White-faced whistling duck standing watch over the nest.

Gorilla - pretty much laughing at us...

Chimpansees engaged in a girly chat.