Monday, October 13, 2008

But wait, there is more!

Prague Zoo surprised me not only by its size (it's very large), but also how well kept and clean it was, how beautiful the grounds were and how progressive it was in general. This is rare for post-socialist countries climbing out of economic difficulties, but for Prague it's even more praiseworthy, because not too long ago, in 2002 , the city and the Zoo were damaged by a flood. There were photos of the flooded Zoo, of the extend of the damage done, reports of heroic rescues of animals by the zookeepers and of the losses... Since then, the Zoo was rebuilt and expanded, and is now among the top 10 best zoos in the world. Some call it the best zoo in Europe.

The Zoo starts with a Walk of Fame - only instead of movie starts there are the footprints of the zoo stars and primadonnas - monkeys, tigers, zebras...

I did take a lot of videos at the Zoo, which I can't post here. I will only show some of the animals I haven't seen in any other zoo, or those we particularly liked. Like this bat-eared dog, which was, I think, Roxy's favorite.

These two birds of prey were among my favorites. I like how they looked me, as if considering whether or not I am worth catching. The snow owl was actually hissing at me, trying to scare me at first.

These monkeys are looking for fleas in each other's fur (and not finding any, by the way) at the Indonesian Jungle pavilion, one of the most unique exhibits at the Zoo. There was a binturong at the exhibit, too - something I haven't seen anywhere else - but he was hiding in the tree.

Part of the Indonesian pavilion is a dark tunnel , where nocturnal animals can be seen roaming around, and the bats fly around free.


I liked the giraffe habitat, because we didn't have to look up - the observation desk was at the level of their heads, so we could actually look them in the eye :)

Polar bears rarely feel and look good in captivity. This one was so shining white, healthy looking and energetic, it was a pleasure to behold!