Sunday, November 7, 2010

A whole new Zoo

This Zoo is, actually, the oldest in the US. It's new to us, because we just moved to Philadelphia.

Here are some of the residents of Philadelphia Zoo as we found them this fall.

Gila monster taking a snooze on a warm rock.

These two male kangaroos were practicing wrestling in their spare time.

Hammerkops are known for their huge nests. The pair in aviary was actually working on building one.

Southern ground hornbill with it's amazing eyelashes.

Cheetah... the Zoo has several, all beautiful and very large.

African Wild Dog

White-nosed coati - a relative of the racoon...

Patagonian cavy, also known as Mara, is a rodent - a relative of Guinea pig.

This Lowland gorilla male was curiuos.

Spectacled langour

Sifaka... it's nice to be flexible, isn't it? I bet you can't do that!

This baby orangutan just turned one. The dad is hiding under a blanket in the background.

Mountain lions resting in a shade.

The Zoo Baloon is quite a landmark; so what it's grounded most of the time due to inclement weather :))

Milk frog lazily eyeing food...

Alligator lizard


  1. Your photos are beautiful. My favorite one on this page is the one of the southern ground hornbill. But every one of them is definitely professional quality.

    Welcome to Philadelphia. It is good to have two more zoo enthusiasts living in the area!

  2. I also especially like the hammerkop image. It is fascinating to watch the Zoo's two hammerkops take turns taking materials up to the nest and weaving those materials into the nest.